Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The importance of prevention and treatment - reaching for help

By Carine

Postpartum depression (PPD) also known as postnatal depression affects a large amount of women after giving birth to a child – yet many people are unaware of its symptoms and serious risks.

Many new mothers might experience a variety of emotions after childbirth; some may experience anxiety, excitement, others baby blues; but, some will experience a more severe sadness which is known as postpartum depression.

The matter of the fact is that it’s a very serious issue; and it should be taken with lots of precaution – especially in the Frum Jewish community - as the higher the birth rate in a community is, the higher are the chances of that group of women experience postpartum depression.

The percentage of risk in the Frum community is really high and many young couples aren’t familiar with the challenges of parenthood, and when facing the intricacies of human care, it can be too overwhelming.

Besides the devastating sufferings originated from PPD; many Frum women might feel guilty, embarrassed and ashamed to reach out for proper professional help.

Undoubtedly, Frum mothers bear full responsibilities to bring loving and healthy children up and therefore this overwhelming task can trigger easily new mothers into postpartum depression – causing a lot of suffering to families and especially husbands who don’t know how to handle the situation.

We all know the important role that Jewish mothers play to the very continuity of the Jewish Nation – the “Yiddish Mama” is the pillar of every generation – so, from this perspective itself, we all should be aware of how challenging this role can be for new mothers and in general to mothers of many young children!

Frum women shouldn’t feel embarrassed, in other words, they should reach for the proper help; be it as prevention or a treatment.

That’s why by realizing the great challenges and importance of the health of Jewish women – Esther Kenigsberg in a selfless mission to help the community has founded a non profit organization in the heart of Borough Park called SPARKS dedicated to help mothers and their families with awareness, relief, knowledge and support.

Sparks is made up of mostly Frum volunteers and highly qualified doctors who are well trained to help Jewish families overcome the obstacle of childbearing depression and secure the health, happiness, joy and the most important of all the continuity of the Jewish Nation.

Sparks organization’s mitzvah is enormous and plays a decisive role in the lives of our community members – that’s why in times of darkness, let us see the obstacles and fight it with the right weapon of chessed.

Due to their dedication to help their fellow brethren, regardless of affiliation, level of Yiddishkeit and social status, is the reason that I write about their mission.

If you are not aware of postpartum depression symptoms, risks and complications you can check SPARKS’s website: - Thus, if you know somebody that is suffering, don’t be shy and contact them. If possible, you can also donate for this cause, since it’s a cause that involves the very birth of Jewish souls.

Ps: By clicking on this text tittle, you will be redirected to their informative website.

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